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Battles should lead to wins!

Today is the World Cancer Day. This type of diseases is still a huge challenge for humanity, but we should all believe that one day it will be as simple as some other health issues, which were frightening in the past but not anymore!

We really support all the efforts done by the involved community! With their help we are happy to be almost 28 months after the second transplantation with the current analysis following the previewed path! Thus Dmitry re-makes all the vaccinations and enjoys all the things he was missing during hospitalisation periods!



20 months after the second transplantation! We are really proud of Dmitry! A recent check-up was absolutely as previewed! With the decreasing quantity of drugs, he has returned into more comfortable shape, which is clearly visible when comparing the photos :)


Time for updates! :)

It has been a while since last news. During this period, some reactions have appeared, which resulted in rather long stays in the hospital and some adjustment of the treatment. But from the other point of view, these reactions are somehow good, as they might help the global process. As you can see, Dmitry has significantly changed since last photos and makes his best to be as active as possible in order to enhance the muscular system. The first anniversary from the second transplantation is approaching, which is a great news! Lots of check-ups soon, but we are optimistic!


Spring is coming!

In these last days of winter we want to share with you our optimistic mood. Dmitry's treatement goes in its direction and the current state is very promising! We hope that it will be the case forever.

Even though the first steps are still difficult, Dmitry has already started the do-it-yourself season: :)


Due to multiple requests, here is the translation of the information in the last news below.

En raison de plusieurs demandes, voici la traduction des informations dans les dernières nouvelles ci-dessous. A partir de premier jour de notre appel a solidarité, nous avons essayé de mener une campagne la plus claire et transparente possible. Et nous continuons de le faire. Comme écrit ci-dessous, pour l'instant Dmitry a qq effets secondaires de traitement, qui sont en train d'être soigné par l’équipe des Docteurs et Infirmières, mais la presence de la leucémie n'est pas detectable maintenant et nous espérons vivement, que ça sera toujours le cas! Nous avons continué la collecte vu, qu'il n'existe pas de verification sure et donc nous préférons d’être prêt pour la situation qui ne se produira pas, que l'inverse. En tous cas, pour l'instant le montant collecté n'est pas utilisé du tout et s'il n'est pas nécessaire pour Dmitry (nous l'espérons!), il sera utilisé pour d'autres enfants cancéreux


Hello winter!

Today we can officially say hello to the winter. And even speaking about the temperature, these days were quite cold. Nevertheless we enjoy the fact that Dmitry can go outdoors and explore the world!

p.s. Starting from the very first day of our solidarity call, we have tried to be as clear and transparent as possible. And we continue doing so. As written below, for the moment Dmitry have some side effects of the treatment which are currently treated by the team of Doctors and Nurses, but the presence of leukaemia is not detectable right now and we really really hope it will be the case forever! The fact that we continued the started collection processes results from the fact, that it is impossible to know for sure, and we prefer to be prepared for the situation, which will not happen, then vice-versa. In any case for the moment the collected amount is not used anyhow and in case it is not needed for Dmitry (we hope!), it will be used for other children with cancers


At home!

Dmitry is just back from the hospital and sleeping at home! Of course there are some post-transplantation therapies and he has frequent surveys at the hospital, but if everything goes fine, doctors permitted him to stay at home!


Second transplantation - Done!

Thanks to an unknown Donor, today Dmitry has received his second transplantation of a bone marrow! And we hope this one will work as it should!


Second transplantation

After long discussions with our doctors, and due to the need for an intervention in the short term, it has been decided to try to give a second transplantation to Dmitry. The chances of success are uncertain, but the intervention also give some more time to collect the required funds for the CAR T-cell therapy. We would like to warmly thank the many people who showed their generosity. For those who have pledged contributions, we will re-contact you if the CAR T-cell therapy is needed. In the meanwhile, pledges are still very welcome so that we can act reactively if needed. Pledges can be made by contacting Renaud Lambiotte ( or at



We have received many written promises of contribution with a condition that a total amount reaches the necessary one. Thus since today the information about collected amounts includes the promised ones. The promises can be sent to together with your full coordinates


Too much text :)

In the meantime Dmitry has enjoyed the possibility to be out of the hospital for a while. And luckily the weather permitted to be outdoors


Documents for tax declarations

Many of you have asked about the tax declaration documents. You don't need to do anything to get it: it will be sent by default in the end of February (after the calendar year ends and normally far in advance of the tax declaration form).


Newspaper coverage

We have no control, where the information spreads, but we have mentioned that it appeared in L'Avenir, La Libre and La Dernière Heure. Thanks!



Now when we start the actual news, we want to thank all of you for spreading the word and contributing! With you we have succeeded to have a good start, let's reach the goal soon! :)


We are opening this page to post latest updates

As we receive different questions, probably many of you ask them, but not everybody asks. Thus we decided to make this page to post common ones together with updates. Thanks to our friends, we have translated the page to many languages, but it is not so easy to do that for each news and online translation tools are still not perfect. In order to keep the information as most accessible as possible, here we will post in English and sorry in advance for the lack of translations.